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Jacquard SolarFast Dye Film Sheets single
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Product Description
may be used on its own as a paint, ink or dye for applications such as batik, silk painting, screen printing and tie
dyeing. It may also be used to create photograms, shadow prints and sun prints. Photographic SolarFast prints can be made
using a film negative.
To create a photogram place any object on the coated substrate prior to exposure.
Anything that casts a
shadow will produce an image. Flat objects work best. Flat and thin objects, such as leaves or keys, may be held in place
with a piece of glass.
To create permanent photographic prints on paper or fabric, use a film negative.
Negatives may be printed
on transparent film though a Xerox machine, laser printer or inkjet printer. For inkjet printing, we recommend using
Film, which is moisture resistant and specially coated to make the best negatives. Traditional film negatives will
also work well, as long as they are adequately dense.
Higher contrast images work best, and high density is key: the blackest areas of a negative should be completely opaque,
and the lightest areas transparent.
Layer two negatives for extra contrast or if your printer outputs less ink. Carefully register the two films
and use tape or glass to keep them in place.
Place the negative waterproof side down (or print side up) on your coated fabric or paper. Use a piece of glass or acrylic
to hold the negative in place and keep it flush with the substrate. You may also pin or tape down your negative, but the negative MUST BE FLUSH with the substrate for a good print. If it is not, you may lose detail in the resulting print.
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